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Delectatech at AECOC's Food Service Congress: The revolution of Artificial Intelligence in the future of hospitality

Delectatech en el congreso AECOC de Horeca con Xavier Mallol.

During the 27th and 28th of june, Madrid became the meeting point for executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals across the entire value chain of the Spanish hospitality industry. On the occasion of the 20th edition of AECOC's Food Service Congress, more than 400 attendees gathered to address topics related to the latest consumption trends, sector innovations, and challenges in logistics and digitalization, among others.

On Wednesday at 11 a.m. , Xavier Mallol, CEO and founder of Delectatech, presented a session titled "The Revolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Hospitality" to the audience. In this presentation, he delved into one of the most widely discussed topics in the world, one that transcends across various domains of human life: Generative Artificial Intelligence and its flagship product, GPT..

"Generative Artificial Intelligence is going to become so widespread that it will offer astonishing tools at an affordable cost for everyone." - Xavier Mallol

Delectatech en el Congreso AECOC de Horeca: La revolución de la Inteligencia Artificial.

During the talk, he placed special emphasis on the functioning and scope of this technology based on learning, and to do so, he presented alongside Iris, an Artificial Intelligence model trained by Delectatech from the census of over 250,000 establishments, some of the most important data for the development of projects in the Food Service sector in Spain. This is how he concludes with a clear message: There are neither good models nor bad models, only well-trained models and poorly trained models.

Xavier's participation was accompanied by 13 other personalities from recognized companies such as Heineken, Grupo Alsea, Grupo Saona, McDonald's, Fever, among others. Each of them shared their vision and knowledge about the unstoppable technological progress and the changes that are transforming consumer profiles and sector trends, providing insights that will allow Spain to take a step forward in its pursuit of leadership in the Food Service industry.

From Delectatech, we appreciate the valuable feedback we have received from the attendees of the AECOC Food Service Congress. We recognize the importance of this event as a key space for the exchange of ideas, learning, and networking among professionals in the sector to drive its growth.

We are committed to offering increasingly efficient and cutting-edge solutions that serve as a reference for the market and contribute to advancement and shared success.

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