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Delectatech at HIP 2023

The Food Service sector is facing significant challenges due to the current economic situation and uncertainty about the post-pandemic future. In this context, digitalization and process changes have become key factors for the survival and success of companies in the industry. In this regard, Delectatech, specialized in collecting and analyzing restaurant data through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, will be present at the upcoming Hospitality Innovation Planet (HIP) event, which will take place from March 6th to 8th, 2023, in Madrid. 

During the event, Delectatech will present an analysis of key data regarding the current state of the restaurant industry, obtained using their Artificial Intelligence engine. This will enable food service professionals to obtain and analyze relevant information to enhance their decision-making and adapt to an increasingly competitive and changing environment. 

How is the current socio-economic situation impacting the restaurant industry?

Delectatech , along with Xavi Mallol (CEO & coFounder), will present a summary of the most relevant data of the year obtained through their Artificial Intelligence and Big Data engine, analyzing over 220,000 restaurants in Spain. The presentation is titled "How is the current socio-economic situation impacting the restaurant industry?" and will take place on Monday, March 6th at 6:15 PM in Auditorium 2 at HIP.

Among the aspects to be analyzed are the evolution of the census and occupancy of establishments in Spain and by cities, the shift in consumption patterns, the polarization of the restaurant industry due to the current socio-economic situation, and the rise of organized restoration.

The presentation will focus on delivering the results clearly and concisely, identifying trends, opportunities, and challenges in the hospitality and restaurant sector. With this information, the aim is to assist attendees in making informed and strategic decisions for the future of their businesses in an increasingly competitive and evolving environment.

Would you like to have more information about the data?

The data analyzed is part of Delectatech's extensive database, fed by data published in various online directories and restaurant websites: descriptions, menus, guest comments, photographs, ratings, rankings, tags, schedules, attendance, etc.

Our AI and Big Data engine is responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing this raw data from over 250,000 restaurant establishments, transforming it into contextualized knowledge.

Delectatech makes this data available to all stakeholders in the sector through the web application FoodRadar. Divided into three interconnected tools, FoodRadar provides access to the most exclusive and up-to-date information with just a few clicks.


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