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Delectatech at HIP 2024

Xavier Mallol, CEO y Fundador de Delectatech, en el HIP (Horeca Professional Expo) 2024

In a global context full of changes and fluctuations, the hospitality sector continues to face the growing need to understand, satisfy, and adapt to consumer expectations still grappling with the challenges of the post-pandemic new normal. In this scenario, digitalization and innovation emerge as key elements for the development of new concepts and experiences, which create a need in consumers to prioritize leisure moments as an essential priority.

At the HIP - Food Service Professional Expo - 2024,Xavier Mallol, CEO and Founder of Delectatech, a company specializing in the collection and analysis of restaurant data through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, was part of the roster of exhibitors highlighting the importance of integrating new tools and resources that contribute to optimizing management and decision-making processes.

Presentation - Beyond Food Cost: Success Drivers in 2023 in the Restaurant Industry

In his presentation titled "Beyond Food Cost: Success Drivers in 2023 in the Restaurant Industry," Xavier began by contextualizing the audience about Spain's economic situation compared to the Eurozone and the United States, aiming to establish a reference frame for assessing the sector's performance. 

Using a Food Service performance matrix developed by Delectatech, he explained the distribution of establishments according to their performance in terms of average ticket and occupancy during 2023, placing special emphasis on the 54.98% of venues that positioned themselves as winners by managing to increase both indicators.

The North of Spain concentrates the majority of winners

The Foral Community of Navarre, Cantabria, Aragon, and the Region of Murcia are among the top communities with the highest number of winning establishments, which have managed to increase both their average ticket and occupancy throughout 2023. Among the communities with a lower percentage of winners are Catalonia, Madrid, Extremadura, La Rioja, and the Canary Islands.

Delectatech en el HIP 2024: El norte de España concentra la mayor cantidad de ganadores.

The most affordable establishments are the winning profile

The analysis reveals that, among the areas with the highest volume of establishments, those with a more affordable average ticket were the ones who achieved significant increases in both their average ticket and occupancy level.

Delectatech en el HIP 2024: Los locales más económicos son el perfil ganador.

Star Products of the winning profile

Among the winning venues in Spain, tapas take the most relevance in much of the country, followed by pinchos, the pizza , and finally sandwiches and the burgers.

Delectatech en el HIP 2024: Productos estrella del perfil ganador.

In summary, and in line with recent changes in consumption trends and habits, consumers continue to seek leisure moments but alongside experiences that allow them to enjoy without neglecting their budget. Thus, the challenge for the restaurant industry will reside in its ability to focus on three fundamental pillars: adaptation, flexibility, and solidity.

Round Table: Food Service AI - Generative Artificial Intelligence

To conclude Delectatech's participation in HIP24, Xavier took part in a fascinating roundtable on Generative Artificial Intelligence in Horeca moderated by Beatriz Romanos. Along with two experts: Alfonso Rodríguez, Microsoft Generative AI Technical Trainer, and Julio Lema, COO of AI-Network, Xavier shared his vision on the growing importance of AI in the business performance of the hospitality sector.

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Want more information on these findings?

The data analyzed is part of Delectatech's extensive database, fed by data published in various online directories and restaurant websites: descriptions, menus, guest comments, photographs, ratings, rankings, tags, schedules, attendance, etc.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Big Data engine is responsible for collecting, reading, and analyzing these raw data from over 250,000 dining establishments, converting them into contextualized knowledge. Delectatech makes this data available to all sector players through the web application FoodRadar, with which you can access the most exclusive and updated information in a few clicks. Download the complete report "Success Drivers in 2023 in the Restaurant Industry." You only need to register for free on our Food Radar app.


Download the complete report "Success Drivers in 2023 in the Restaurant Industry." You just need to register for free on our FoodRadar platform.