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Download the 2022 Restaurant Performance Report

We already have the results of the restoration in 2022. After months of work and statistical analysis, Delectatech offers you the most relevant information about establishment occupancy and consumer behavior compared to the previous year.

Knowing these data is essential for making strategic decisions, understanding how your potential market behaves, and ultimately optimizing your activity within the Food Service channel. 

That's why at Delectatech, we've been hard at work to create this comprehensive analysis that determines the average diner occupancy in our country. It's based on a census of over 220,000 establishments, with data collected using our AI and Big Data engine. 

Below, we'll share all the interesting conclusions obtained from the "2022 Restaurant Performance". Take note!

2022, a year with a significant increase in restaurant activity 

If we can highlight some good news that 2022 has brought us, it's this. In a year that has been quite tumultuous overall, the restaurant industry has experienced a significant increase in activity. Across the country, there has been a 3.30% increase in occupancy compared to the year 2021. 

The city leading this growth is undoubtedly Barcelona. The Catalan capital has achieved the highest occupancy rate in the Food Service establishments with a growth of 9.67%. This figure represents nearly triple the growth compared to the rest of Spain. 

As for how this growth has evolved, 2022 has been more stable throughout the months. On the opposite, 2021 was a year of stark contrasts, greatly affected by pandemic-related restrictions. In this regard, february has shown the highest difference compared to the previous year, with growth exceeding 12%.

However, the final stretch of this past year has been somewhat weaker, primarily due to the drastic decrease in savings due to the economic crisis and the pressing issue of inflation. Consequently, the last few months have seen a decrease of 1.21% in average occupancy.

Informe de resultados de Restauración en 2022: Evolución de la ocupación media en restauración.

A year of more polarized consumption: Lower average ticket

When highlighting an interesting fact from 2022, we must discuss how consumption has become more polarized throughout the year. While restaurants with an average ticket price (between 20 and 50 euros) still hold a significant share on the graph (40.83%), they have decreased by 11.81% in the distribution of establishments compared to 2021.

Conversely, the extremes have experienced a significant rise. The cheapest ticket (less than 20 euros) dominates across the country with a 58.03% share, showing a 10% increase compared to last year. The most expensive ticket has gone from 1.03% to 1.14% of average share, also increasing by over 10%. 

To identify this growth, we need to consider the warmer and colder months. In the warmer months, the more expensive restaurants were the ones that saw higher occupancy, while in winter, it was the cheaper restaurants. 

As for expensive restaurants, Madrid takes the lead. It has the highest number of +50€ restaurants, which is not coincidental considering it is the city with the highest per capita income. Nevertheless, among the analyzed cities, Bilbao has the highest occupancy rate for expensive restaurants. At the bottom of this statistic are Sevilla and Valencia.

Gráfica de volumen de establecimientos por rango de precio medio. Informe de Resultados 2022.

The larger restaurant chains outperform independent establishments

When it comes to consumption trends during the week, we can observe that the occupancy rate increases on weekdays and slightly decreases on weekends. In general, dinner occupancy has experienced significant growth due to the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions. 

However, the major conclusion from 2022 regarding consumption patterns in the population is undoubtedly the significant increase in occupancy in organized chain restaurants. While independent restaurants have also grown (3.31% more than in 2021), franchises outpace these establishments with a growth of 7.61%.

These differences are even more pronounced in months with higher tourism. Additionally, the tendency of chain restaurants to offer more affordable options contributes to their popularity among tourists throughout the year. 


In conclusion, the restaurant industry is growing in terms of occupancy while consumption becomes more polarized. All of these trends are crucial for developing a proper strategy within the Food Service channel. 

If you wish to delve deeper into these data, you can now download the complete "2022 Restaurant Performance" You only need to register for free on our application, Food Radar.  

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