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Download the Complete Report "2023 Restaurant Industry Results"

Informe de resultados del sector de restauración den 2023 con Delectatech.

After a year of significant challenges for the Horeca sector in Spain, Delectatech has compiled the "2023 Restaurant Industry Results" report, analyzing occupancy data from a sample of over 250,000 establishments. The aim is to assess the performance of these establishments over the last year and identify changes in diner behavior compared to 2022. 

Xavier Mallol, CEO and founder of Delectatech, presented the most relevant findings of the study at the first webinar of the year, held on February 6. The event featured the participation of industry leaders such as Jacobo Olalla, General Director of Cerveceros de España; Adriana Bonezzi, General Director of Marcas de Restauración and Pablo Calderón, Director of CRM and Market Intelligence at Makro. Moderated by Patricia Fernández de Arroyabe, they discussed their end-of-year vision and how they plan to face 2024.

Below, we share some of the most important conclusions drawn from the "2023 Restaurant Industry Results" analysis. Take note!

First, a look at the context

While the economy in the US and the Eurozone generally faced an economic slowdown due to inflation containment measures, the Spanish economy managed to grow thanks to a tourism boom, although its GDP growth did not reach the previous year's figures.

Increase in 2023 Occupancy

Spain's restaurant sector recorded a notable increase of 10.68% in activity compared to 2022, especially in the second half of the year, during which occupancy rose by 18.8%. This increase is largely due to the rise in tourism.

Throughout the year, restaurants with the highest increase in occupancy were those with tickets ranging from €15 to €30. However, during the summer season, higher-category restaurants also experienced an increase in occupancy.

It's important to highlight that 6 out of 10 restaurant establishments in Spain have an average ticket below €15, underlining a predominant trend towards more accessible dining options. During peak occupancy and tourism times, such as summer and Christmas, organized dining has gained market share over independent dining.

Informe Delectatech. Resultados de la Restauración 2023: Incremento en la ocupación del 2023.


Consumption Moments

In 2023, there was a greater preference for dining out during the week compared to weekends, with weekday noon occupancy growing by 15%, thus tripling the increase recorded during evenings. This trend reflects diners' interest in optimizing expenses and reducing payment uncertainty, opting for promotions and set menus, especially lunch menus. In terms of seasonality, lunchtime occupancy increases in winter, while dinners are preferred in summer.

Restaurant Performance in Major Cities

Except for Seville and Granada, major Spanish cities experienced growth in occupancy below the national average of 10.68%, with Seville standing out with a 12.60% increase thanks to tourism.

In Barcelona and Seville, establishments with tickets below €15 exceeded the national average in occupancy, while Barcelona also led in the mid-price category (€15-€30). Furthermore, major capitals like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao lead the segment of more expensive establishments above the national average, where restaurants over €30 are fuller than the Spanish average.

Resultados de la Restauración 2023: La restauración en las principales ciudades.


Establishment Performance

Each point on Delectatech's performance matrix represents a restaurant establishment. Winning establishments have increased their average ticket and occupancy during 2023, while losers are those that have seen a reduction in these two KPIs. In the intermediate groups, we find those that have managed to increase their occupancy by lowering the average ticket and those that raised the average ticket but saw their occupancy affected.

During 2023, over half of the establishments (54.98%) are in the winners' section, meaning they have been fuller and increased their average ticket. Only 6.13% of the establishments performed poorly this year. These great results are mainly due to the significant increase in occupancy and the rise in average ticket due to inflation. Additionally, winning establishments have exhibited more heterogeneous behavior, while the few losing establishments have experienced a similar decline in occupancy and ticket, within a 50% decrease.

Informe Delectatech. Resultados de la Restauración 2023: Rendimiento de los establecimientos.


2024 Forecasts

The economic outlook for Spain in 2024 anticipates moderate growth thanks to increased domestic demand, which would also imply moderate growth for the hospitality sector this year. The main challenge for the sector will be to capitalize on local consumption in the face of a possible moderation in tourist flow.


If you wish to explore these findings in greater detail, you can now download the complete "2023 Restaurant Industry Results" report. Simply register for free on our Food Radar app.