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Beyond Intuition: How to Identify Potential Customers in the FoodService Market with Artificial Intelligence

Are you a distributor, manufacturer, or a digital solutions provider for the FoodService sector?Your sales team spends hours in front of the computer searching for information on potential clients? If your salespeople end up walking the streets, relying on their intuition and communication skills to acquire new customers or increase sales from your portfolio, it's likely time to rethink your sales strategy.

Digitalization in the FoodService Industry

The FoodService industry, despite being aware of its need to evolve, remained stable for a long time due to its continued success. However, events like the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst, forcing this sector, among others, to adapt and evolve not only in how consumers access and enjoy their services but also in how providers respond and adjust to these new demands.

In recent years, information technology tools have begun to play a leading role and have gained significant relevance, not just in the daily operations of organizations but also in people's daily lives. It's no longer just about making online orders and contactless payments, but alto about the possibility to analyze large volumes of data to understand consumption habits, customer preferences and market trends, allowing more precise actions in an information-saturated environment.

So, if you are one of those organizations that still relies on traditional commercial strategies, let me show you how, with the help of artificial intelligence and big data, you can optimize over 70% of your time and resources in capturing potential customers. How? By segmenting the updated and qualified restaurant census to locate those with the highest sales potential. This way, you can focus your efforts on a more personalized search with a better understanding of the characteristics of the FoodService market.

 Stay Up-to-Date with the latest industry insights

In the quest to develop a system that is both accessible and intuitive for key players in the FoodService sector, Delectatech has created Food Radar as a pioneering solution that provides complete access to the most up-to-date market data and responds to the absence of a comprehensive database that facilitates informed and effective decision-making.

Food Radar is a market intelligence tool that collects online information from a census of over 250,000 dining establishments throughout Spain.Month by month, our artificial intelligence engine reads millions of qualitative data published on the internet. This includes reviews and ratings from diners about dishes, beverages, and the overall service of the establishments, as well as peak dining hours, average spending per visit, and more.

This data collection allows Food Radar to build detailed profiles of each establishment, which, by categorizing them, facilitates the identification and exclusion of those that initially do not align with our specific criteria and focus your efforts on those with the greatest potential. We call this method "quality over quantity," and it is what will allow you to elevate your sales strategy and increase your conversion rate..

Previously, your salespeople probably spent countless hours searching for high-quality potential clients, and meanwhile, money was also being lost. With Food Radar, your sales team can use more than 50 filters that will allow them to focus only on those establishments that truly fit the profile of your ideal customer, thus discarding less relevant prospects that consume valuable time.

Let's begin ingredient by ingredient

Imagine you are a manufacturer with a strong sales force or a distributor specialized in Italian products. Before Food Radar, you would probably rely on your instinct and experience to select an area to start focusing your prospecting strategy. You would use tools like Google Maps to locate Italian restaurants and spend a significant amount of your time gathering their data to send emails, make calls, and visit them. All this, without having a clear understanding of their specific needs. Generally, you would continue with this approach until you finally made a sale, a process that could take weeks or even months.

With Finder, the process is much simpler. In just a few minutes , you'll be able to identify within our census of more than 250,000 establishments those that best align with the profile of your potential customer. How about we time it? It might sound challenging! But at Delectatech, we understand exactly what it means when you talk about saving time and prioritizing quality.

So, let's begin!

⏱️ 00:00:00 – 00:00:20

Suppose you want to expand your Italian product business in the city of Barcelona. With the interactive map of Finder, you can navigate through different geographic levels until you find your area of interest, or simply search for the city of Barcelona in the "Navigate" section. You will immediately get a clustered view of all the establishments available in this area, reducing your working census to the 12,054 establishments in the city.

⏱️ 00:00:20 – 00:01:00

Now, we understand that not all these establishments are potential clients for you, and this is where the magic happens. Head to the filter section and explore the available features. From business type, average ticket, and level of digitalization, to the availability of terraces or delivery services. For our example, let's focus on identifying those establishments with high relevance in pasta. In the "Product Relevance" option, choose "Pasta" and you will immediately get a list of all the establishments in Barcelona where pasta is a standout ingredient according to customer reviews. From 12,054 venues, we've narrowed our focus to 1,185 establishments that, at first glance, represent our main interest.

⏱️ 00:01:00 – 00:01:30

To further refine your search, you can combine multiple filters to more precisely locate those that best fit your profile. For example, you decide to target venues with an average spending per diner of between 20 and 60 euros. You can add this filter in the "Average Price"section, which narrows this search down to a total of 479 potential establishments..

⏱️ 00:01:30 – 00:02:00

To conclude, you're interested in focusing on the most popular mid-priced pasta venues in Barcelona. High popularity often relates to venues with large customer traffic, which implies a greater demand for quality ingredients in significant quantities. For this search, we can filter establishments with a "High Rating Range" in the "DelectaRate" filter , which considers diner satisfaction, the online reputation of the establishment, and the number of comments in the last month on various online directories such as Google, Tripadvisor, The Fork, and Guru. Excellent! We have managed to refine our sample even further, with a total of 230 potential establishments.

⏱️ 00:02:00- 00:02:30

If you prefer a structured approach, you can start by focusing your sales efforts on the postal code that contains the highest number of potential establishments. Use the button in the bottom right corner to switch the display to a heat map. Identify the darkest postal code, which indicates the highest volume of venues that meet the criteria selected in your search.

⏱️ 00:02:30 – 00:03:00

When you're ready, add them to your tracking list and export the results of your search directly from Finder in Excel format. This way, you will have access to exclusive information for each establishment, such as the type of venue, type of cuisine, contact phone number and email, diner traffic by time slot and days of the week, among other valuable details that will help optimize the efforts of your sales and marketing team.

¡Et voilà! Has your prospecting process ever taken less than 3 minutes? With Finder from Food Radar, you can efficiently focus your efforts on a smaller group of pre-qualified clients and maximize your conversion results. You'll not only stop blindly contacting restaurants en masse, but you'll also be able to engage your prospects with messages more aligned with their business needs.

Become the leader of the most innovative toppings

Finder from Food Radar is an advanced market intelligence tool for FoodService sector suppliers like you, capable of reducing the efforts and resources dedicated to prospecting by up to 70%. And that's not all; it also helps build a less saturated market with brand strategies more specialized to the actual needs of consumers, while letting your competition stick with the hard, outdated work.

If you are interested in learning more about how to find, in just a few clicks and from anywhere, thousands of segmented potential Horeca clients to whom you can sell your products, we invite you to watch our video Business Case: Find Your Best Potential Horeca Clients.

Want to get started? It's simple! Complete your registration on Food Radar and begin leading the FoodService market with the help of FoodData.