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Summer Results - Cities

October 2023

We expand the information in the "Summer 2023 Results" report with an analysis of the food service industry in the major cities of Spain.

Resumen del verano en la hostelería española mediante big data

Summer 2023 Results

September 2023

Summary of Food Service establishments performance during the summer based on the evolution of their average occupancy and average per-customer spending.

Informe del estado de la hostelería durante Semana Santa de 2023 mediante big data.

Easter Week 2023 Results

September 2023

Analysis of the diner's profile in Spanish restaurants during Easter: nationality, spending, consumption times, reviews, among others.

Impacto de la situación socioeconómica en canal horeca de España

How is the Current Socio-economic Situation Impacting the Restaurant Industry?

March 2023

Resumen de los datos de la restauración más relevantes del año, presentados en el HIP – Horeca Professional Expo.

Anuario del estado de la hostelería en 2022 mediante big data

2022 Restaurant Performance

February 2023

Study of the most relevant data from the restaurant industry's year-end 2022: which areas and establishments have seen the highest occupancy rates in Spain?

Anuario del estado de la hostelería en 2022 mediante big data

The State of Digitization in the Hospitality Industry in Spain

November 2022

Massive study of the digital maturity of more than 240,000 Food Service channel establishments. Developed in collaboration with BCC Innovation.

Distribución de establecimientos de cocina internacional en España

International Cuisine in Spain

June 2022

Study of the distribution of international cuisine in spanish Restaurants, by different types and autonomous communities.

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Increase in Delivery & Take Away in Spain

March 2022

Study of the increase in delivery for each type of restaurant profile in Spain and the market share of each aggregator.


Rise in Prices in the Restaurant Industry

March 2023

We analyze the price increase in Food Service due to rising costs of raw materials and energy.


Occupancy of Bars and Restaurants in 2021

January 2022

We studied the evolution of occupancy in establishments by days and time slots throughout all months of 2021 in Spain.


Occupancy by Time Slots in Madrid

December 2021

We study the areas in Madrid where restaurants and bars fill up the most, as well as their evolution during different time slots.


Occupancy of Bars and Restaurants in BCN

November 2021

We study the areas of the city where restaurants and bars are most crowded and their evolution throughout the week.

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Changes in the Restaurant Industry during the Pandemic

October 2021

We analyze changes in consumption over the past two years, new trends, and the future of the Restaurant Industry after the pandemic.

Informe interactivo de cierres de restaurantes en España durante la pandemia del coronavirus

Thermometer of Closures and Occupancy of Establishments

July 2022

Interactive report showing the evolution of closures and occupancy in restaurants in Spain due to the pandemic.

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Restoration in Barcelona and Madrid

June 2021

We analyze the changes and trends in the restaurant industry in the two major cities, highlighting their similarities and differences.

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"Delectatech revolutionizes the food service industry through Artificial Intelligence."
"Madrid, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, and Malaga lead digital transformation in the restaurant industry, according to a study by BCC Innovation and Delectatech."
"La ocupación en la hostelería crece un 10,7% este verano, pero el ticket medio cae un 2,7%, según Delectatech."
"Delectatech, the company that radiographs the Spanish restaurant sector thanks to big data and AI."
"La actividad del sector de restauración en España ha aumentado en 2022, según ha confirmado el nuevo análisis de ocupación media de comensales elaborado por Delectatech."
"The Spanish gastronomic offering has seen its prices rise by 8.43% in the last two years."


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