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Summer 2023 Forecast: Consumption and occupancy in restaurants increases

Previsión verano 2023: El consumo y la ocupación en restaurantes aumenta.


With the arrival of summer and the start of the holiday season, the restaurant sector is preparing to welcome numerous diners, both national and international, in search of unique gastronomic experiences. However, factors such as inflation increase and reduced saving capacity will significantly influence consumer decisions during this summer.

To gain a clear insight into the possible outcomes of this vacation period, Delectatech has conducted a study using its Artificial Intelligence engine and machine learning algorithms, utilizing online information from a representative sample of over 250,000 restaurants across Spain. The analysis aims to examine diner behavior during the early summer of 2023, in comparison to the same period the previous year.

The collected data reveals a significant increase of 6.9% in the average spending per diner at restaurants during June 2023, reaching an average of €25.08, compared to €23.40 recorded in the same month of the previous year. Similarly, and as is typical during the summer months, restaurant occupancy has also shown a 2.5% increase during the same period.

Average ticket by establishment type

Bars and cocktail bars lead the increase in spending per diner, with a rise of 7.4%. This behavior might be related to heatwaves, during which diners tend to increase their consumption of beverages and do so to a lesser extent on main dishes.

Average ticket by zones

The highest average spending in June 2023 has been recorded in the Balearic Islands, surpassing 30€ per diner. Followed by the Basque Country (24.83€), Catalonia (24.61€), Asturias (24.47€), and the Community of Madrid (24.27€). In comparison with June 2022, there is a noticeable increase in Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, while the Basque Country shows a slight decrease of 0.2%.


Ticket medio de los establecimientos de restauración en junio 2023.

These data suggest a trend towards the globalization of restaurant spending in Spain: in the more expensive areas, the average ticket price has been maintained, while in the more economical areas, the increase in costs seems to have impacted the consumer more.

Occupancy by price range

Establishments with an average ticket price of 20-50€ per diner have experienced the highest increase in occupancy, with a significant 3.4% compared to the same month of the previous year. On the other hand, the more expensive establishments (with an average ticket price above 50€) and the more economical ones (with an average ticket price below 20€) have also seen an increase in occupancy, albeit to a lesser extent, at 1.3% and 1.7% respectively.

Occupancy by zones

The autonomous communities with the highest occupancy in June 2023 have been the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, with an average occupancy rate in establishments above 35%. They are followed, at a certain distance, by Catalonia and the Community of Madrid. When comparing with the same month of 2022, the areas with the highest growth in occupancy have been the Balearic Islands (+4.2%) and the northern regions of Spain, including Navarre (+3.2%), the Basque Country (+3.0%), and Cantabria (+3.0%). The only community with a decrease in occupancy has been La Rioja (-0.4%).

Delectatech: ocupación de los establecimientos de restauración en junio de 2023.

What to expect in August?

The month of June has served as a reference point to glimpse the rest of the summer in 2023: positive results in both occupancy and average ticket, largely driven by increased tourism and decreased inflation. Data from the previous year revealed that the average ticket in August was 5% higher than in June, while restaurant activity grew by 2.8%.

However, the increase in heatwaves will be a significant factor in determining the types of establishments that diners will visit, consumption hours, and menu choices. Additionally, the growth of tourism will also play a decisive role in the economic performance of the sector. Delectatech will continue to monitor the evolution of the restaurant sector in the coming months and provide updates on changes in occupancy and average spending in Spain's restoration establishments.


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