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Food Radar for Restaurant Suppliers

We help you expand your commercial network with greater efficiency

Harness the largest live census of qualified and segmented restaurants to discover in a few clicks where you are not selling, identify and analyze the best potential establishments for you and expand your commercial network with more precision.

Suppliers Solution

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Suppliers Solution


We identify restaurants that have not yet make purchases from you

  • We search restaurants in your area that are not yet customers but are already purchasing your product categories.
  • Visualize your current and potential customers on an interactive map and easily download listings and profiles of the best establishments with just one click.
Food radar para Distribuidores. Identifica los locales de restauración que aún no te compran.
Food radar para Distribuidores. Descubre las zonas con mayor potencial de ventas.


We discover the areas with the highest sales potential

  • Select the establishment profile that contributes the most revenue to your business and identify and prospect the areas with the highest market potential.
  • Discover the volume of establishments and segmented numerical distribution by communities, provinces, municipalities, and postal codes for the selected profile.


We enrich your customer information

  • Take your CRM to the next level with hundreds of updated data points from the sector using our award-winning Machine Learning algorithm.
  • Enhance your customer database with geolocation, reputation and satisfaction, operating hours, photos, gastronomic profile, and more.
Food radar para Distribuidores. Base de datos aumentada de clientes. Delectatech.


We maximize the performance of your business

  • Monitor your customers to know their current performance and reduce the risk of non-payment.
  • Discover new needs to sell them more products from your catalog, build loyalty, and increase revenue for distributors.


We anticipate changes and new trends in your market

  • Access the Food Service reports marketplace to stay updated on the evolution of your market and trends in prices, gastronomic offerings, etc.
  • Get instant answers to your sector-related questions with agile and segmented data by zones and product categories.

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