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Food Radar for Manufacturers


Harness the largest live, qualified, and segmented census of restaurants to identify your penetration rate in the restaurant industry. Discover new areas and establishments aligned with your portfolio, or proactively understand the potential of each campaign. 

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Manufacturers Solution


We discover the size of your potential market in just 1 minute

  • Identify the potential business volume for each product in your portfolio or for each campaign in seconds.
  • Calculate the size of your market, its evolution, and your penetration rate in any area.
Food Radar para Fabricantes. Mercado potencial. Delectatech.


We detect areas with the highest sales potential

  • Select the establishment profile most aligned with your products and identify and prospect areas with the highest market potential.
  • Discover the volume of establishments and segmented numerical distribution by communities, provinces, municipalities, and postal codes for the selected profile.


We find the points of sale most aligned to your products

  • Filter the entire census of restaurants in Spain by zones and categories, and place your current and potential customers on an interactive map.
  • Download listings and profiles of potential businesses for each product in your portfolio with just one click to increase your market penetration.
Food Radar para Fabricantes. Encuentra los puntos de venta de España con Delectatech.
Food Radar para Fabricantes. Anticípate a las nuevas tendencias del mercado Horeca.


We anticipate changes and new trends in your market

  • Access the Food Service reports marketplace to stay updated on the evolution of your market and trends in prices, gastronomic offerings, etc.
  • Get instant answers to your sector-related questions with agile and segmented data by zones and product categories.
Fabricantes Horeca

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