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Food Radar for Restaurant Industry

Discover expansion opportunities.

Harness the largest and qualified live census of restaurants to discover areas with the most potential for opening new establishments, monitor competitors, and stay ahead of changes and gastronomic trends in the sector.

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Restaurants Solution


We find the best areas to open a new establishment

  • Effortlessly discover the cities, neighborhoods, and streets where establishments are performing well and where you face less competition.
  • Refine your approach and study specific areas: establishment distribution and type, consumption patterns, most successful gastronomic offerings, etc.
Food Radar para Restauración, Expansión. Encuentra las mejores zonas donde abrir un local.
Food Radar para Restauración, Competencia. Descubre y monitoriza a tus competidores.


We discover and monitor your competitors

  • Detect, locate, and analyze your key competitors (establishments and chains) with updated maps and listings.
  • Monitor your competition to obtain updated data on their average price, customer satisfaction, occupancy, gastronomic offerings, etc.


We anticipate new trends in the restaurant industry

  • Access the marketplace for Food Service trends reports based on the largest, qualified, and segmented live census in the industry.
  • Discover the most popular gastronomic offerings in each city, trending dishes and products, foot traffic during different consumption periods and more.
Food Radar para Restauración, Reputación. Monitoriza los locales de tu cadena o grupo.


We monitor the establishments in your chain or group

  • Monitor your premises in an agile and updated way to find out their online reputation and their strengths and weaknesses according to your customers.
  • We provide you with the aggregated reputation of your establishments and compare it with that of your competitors. Leverage your strengths!

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