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Working at Delectatech

At Delectatech, we are known for the enthusiasm we bring to every task we undertake. We are actively seeking people with talent, motivation, and a strong passion for innovation, Big Data, and the culinary industry.

If you believe you have valuable contributions to make and would like to become part of our team to revolutionize the Foodservice sector, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.






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What's the best thing about working at Delectatech?

Innovation culture: We value experimentation and continuous learning. Innovation thrives in environments of curiosity and collaboration.
Inclusive work environment: We promote a environment were diverse perspectives and talents drive our work.
Professional Growth opportunities: We are constantly expanding and looking for individuals who want to grow with us.
Impact on the sector: We are building an ambitious team with the goal of revolutionizing the international Food Service industry.
Flexible Work: We offer a hybrid approach with flexible hours that allows our team to balance their work and personal lives.
Equipo Delectatech. Trabaja con Delectatech e impacta el sector Food Service a nivel internacional.

Who are we looking for?

People who are passionate about what they do and motivated to contribute to the company's growth.
People who eager to take on responsibilities and challenges.
Enthusiastic about teamwork and continuously eager to learn.
Adaptable and flexible in dealing with challenges and changes.
With critical and innovative thinking.

Our teams


The Marketing and Sales team drives Delectatech with a SaaS metrics-driven growth methodology.

Our mission is to position Delectatech as the leading data provider in the Food Service channel and build a portfolio of loyal and satisfied customers. We aim to optimize strategies with key metrics, adapting according to results, and we collaborate with other departments to align efforts and ensure continuous improvement of our products and services.


The Operations team encompasses all the operational activities that support and complement the various business areas of Delectatech.

Our mission is to ensure efficient and effective operation of all operational and strategic aspects of the organization, from financial control, strategic decision-making based on metrics for business development, to talent management and recruitment within the company.


The Technical team is the engine that builds the technological base behind Delectatech's value proposition.

Our mission is to develop powerful and innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, using the latest available technologies in our stack, such as MongoDB, TypeScript, and Python, alongside a robust cloud architecture built on GCP and Azure.


The Product team focuses on the definition, creation, iteration, and continuous improvement of the digital services and products offered by Delectatech.

Our mission is to strategically align our products with business objectives to create innovative technological solutions that meet the changing needs of the industry. To achieve this, we rely on market research, user feedback collection and close collaboration with other departments.

Available Job Positions

Python Developer - BE

Abr 2024

Tech Team

Frontend Developer - Angular

Abr 2024

Tech Team

UX / UI Specialist

Abr 2023

Product Team

Product Data Analyst

Abr 2024

Product Team

Is there no vacancy that matches your profile?

If you have not seen any offer that fits your profile, you can send us your information through this form. If we open a vacancy that may interest you, we will invite you to enter the process.