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Introducing the new and impressive version of Food Radar

After months of hard work, at Delectatech we are thrilled to announce the biggest update we've made so far to our app, Food Radar. 

This is the flagship platform and standout product of our project. An application equipped with the industry's most acclaimed Artificial Intelligence engine and the largest live restaurant database. 

After extensive research, meticulous data collection, thoughtful design and functionality choices, we firmly believe that this is the optimal way to empower manufacturers, distributors, and restaurants in the Food Service channel to fully capitalize on their businesses.

In the following information, you will discover what the new version of Food Radar has to offer. Furthermore, we will provide you with details on how to register for free and begin exploring everything the app can do for you and your company. 

What does the new version offer?

As we mentioned before, this is the biggest update to date in Food Radar. Our development has been based on the creation of three main tools, which will help you obtain all the data and information necessary to amplify your business success.


First and foremost, the Sherpa feature. This is a virtual consultant that you can easily access to get immediate answers to all your questions about the industry. This will be extremely useful for validating your hypotheses about how to approach the market, providing you with data on its size and penetration. 


Our new Finder is the perfect prospecting tool to discover all those establishments that haven't yet become your customers, thanks to its numerous filters and interactive maps. 

With Finder, you'll have access to the entire Spanish geography in detail, and you can locate the desired establishment within seconds. Moreover, you'll be able to access lists and profiles of the best current and potential customers with just a few clicks. Armed with all this information, you'll know precisely how to take the next strategic step in your business.


Lastly, the Reports tool is a marketplace of reports based on an updated census of over 240,000 establishments to help you anticipate industry changes. 

You can explore the evolution of market volume, the digital health status of the sector, fluctuations in prices and the latest gastronomic trends and consumption patterns.

Access the largest report on the digitalization of the Food Service channel

In Food Radar, you'll not only find these three tools. We have also included the largest report on the digital health of the restaurant industry published in Spain.

Thanks to the collaborative effort with BCC Innovation, the research arm of the Basque Culinary Center, we've been able to create a study and a measurement standard that provides valuable insights into how the Food Service sector is engaging with new technologies.

You'll discover which regions of Spain have higher levels of digitalization and which are lagging behind. Similarly, you'll have access to other intriguing data, such as the growth of delivery services in Spain or the prevalence of establishments with websites.

All of this information is organized according to the 8 most relevant principles that define a company's level of digitalization. Fundamental concepts such as internal process automation in the production and distribution system, or presence on social media, among others. 

This report can be accessed for free within the Food Radar app.You can now explore all the information we've gathered for you and for the digital health of your business. 

These companies are already using our tool

Food Radar is proving to be a true success, and for this reason, we can't do anything else but express our gratitude to all the companies that are already working with us. Day by day, they place their trust in our project, and as expected, they are already achieving significant results.

Some of the brands that are using Food Radar include: Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Damm, DDI, Nestlé Professional, Barry Callebaut, GB Foods, Idilia Foods, and many more.

In conclusion, Food Radar launches a new version and we can't wait for you to get to know it and discover its full potential. To do this, register here and get access to the free plan that will demonstrate the power of our three new tools.