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Logo Food Radar Delectatech. Aplicación para el sector Horeca con Inteligencia Artificial.

The entire Food Service channel at your disposal.

Food Radar, the web application that brings the most exclusive and up-to-date information within reach of all industry stakeholders, in just a few clicks

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Take the lead in the restaurant industry with these three powerful tools


Instantly answer your industry inquiries with the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Stay ahead of market fluctuations with reports based on the largest Food Service census


Analyze the Food Service channel and identify establishments that haven't make purchases from you

Virtual Food Service Consultant

Obtain immediate and personalized answers to your most relevant questions about the Food Service channel

Sherpa Food Radar
FR Reports. Marketplace de informes Big Data. El mayor censo vivo de restaurantes. Delectatech.

Big Data reports Marketplace

Anticipate changes and trends in the hospitality industry with reports based on data from over 250,000 establishments

Food Service market prospection

Identify untapped markets by freely filtering through the industry's largest and most qualified census

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Finder Food Radar

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Delectatech is a start-up based in Barcelona whose goal is to assist worldwide Foodservice stakeholders through large-scale learning and knowledge generation enabled by an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data system.

We are currently supported by various partners from diverse sectors, including the Basque Culinary Center, the Alícia Foundation, CSIC, and IBM.

FoodRadar is fueled by data gathered from various online directories and restaurant websites, encompassing descriptions, menus, customer reviews, photographs, ratings, rankings, tags, operating hours, foot traffic, and more.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Big Data engine is responsible for collecting, reading, and analyzing raw data from over 250,000 restaurants, transforming it into contextualized knowledge.

FoodRadar aims to streamline decision-making for all stakeholders in the Food Service channel. If you are part of a company in the restaurant industry and seek up-to-date market information, increase sales, or optimize your campaigns, Food Radar is the solution for you.

We offer solutions tailored to all types and sizes of companies in the sector. Check out our section on




FoodRadar consists of 3 main components:

    1. FINDER: the Food Service prospecting tool to discover your best potential customers and enhance your commercial efficiency 
    2. SHERPA: first virtual data consultant for the Food Service sector, filtering and analyzing the market on your behalf
    3. REPORTS: reports for the entire channel based on the largest, most qualified and up-to-date live census of the Food Service sector in Spain.

There is a free plan available , as well as various paid plans that cater to the needs of different types of companies. Check out the PLANS section for their features and contact us through the contact section to obtain more details.

Any user with a corporate email address can create an organization and an account on Food Radar through the web application, accesible accessible on all browsers.

Each organization can have access to one or more accounts, each associated with a plan (free or paid). Each account will have the option to easily create users for employees who require access to the tool using their corporate email account.

Register for free on the Freemium plan to start using Food Radar and experience its full potential.

Alternatively, you can contact us through the contact section, and our team will be delighted to assist you!

What do people think of Delectatech?

"Estamos ante una nueva ventana de oportunidades que va a cambiar seguro la manera en que nos vamos a relacionar con la información, con la comida…"
Opiniones Delectatech. Toni Massanés, director de Fundació Alícia.
Toni Massanés
Director Fundació Alícia
"Por fin el sector va a tener una cierta luz en la evolución de la información del mercado en el tiempo. Esa información es buena para todas las partes del canal."
Opiniones Delectatech. Ignasi Iglesias, Co-Founder Retail Tech.
Ignasi Iglesias
Co-Founder Retail Tech
"Gracias al 'food data', son capaces de ofrecer al sector Food Service un análisis detallado acerca de la visión y la satisfacción de sus clientes o las tendencias del mercado"
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